Master and Margarita

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Eddie Hoecker
Russian Lit.
April 23, 2012
Dr. Z

Good Vs. Evil
The main focus of my paper will be the good and evil that is shown throughout the novel by the character, Woland. I believe that Professor Woland shows many different examples in the book of both good and evil. I think that his character alone, was able to capture the theme of Good vs. Evil throughout the entire book. Though he may have shown a little bit more of one side than the other, and there are even a few events that will have you thinking to yourself about whether the act from Professor Woland was an act of evil or really a good act that may have just come off as evil at first. I still think that Professor Woland has many great examples of both good and evil that
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There is an event in the novel where Professor Woland shows both good and evil qualities. This event is Satan’s ball. The ball is full of famous and evil people and Margarita is the hostess. So far this seems like Professor Woland has not done anything wrong yet. The end of the ball is where he does his evil. The ball is where the murder of Baron Maigel takes place. Obviously this is a very evil thing to do because he has taken the life of another person. In my opinion, causing death to someone else is the ultimate evil that one can do. Even though this is a very evil thing to do, Professor Woland still ended up having a good act that helps someone besides himself. The good that Professor Woland does in this event is when he lets Margarita have one wish because she was the hostess of the ball. Her wish is to be with the Master and soon after she makes her wish, Professor Woland makes sure that the Master is right there with her. I think that this is a good thing that Professor Woland did because he got to give Margarita something that she wanted and something that would make her happier. Things like this are what I think Professor Woland should always be using his powers for. Professor Woland also gives everyone their lives back that they wanted, if they wanted to be switched back. Everyone did except for Natasha. This


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