Globalisation and Media

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4. Does globalisation imply cultural homogenisation? Your answer should consider specific local and global media examples and should include reference to the Appadurai and McChesney article in the course reader.
Globalization plays an important role on the world and society today. Furthermore globalization is very arguable that it will induced cultural homogenization. Globalization can be simply defined by the process of cross culture between nation and nation or the process of international integration which actually mean the process of sharing ideas, cultures, concept and so forth between nations. (Appadurai 2000) and (McChesney 2001) they have a very different point of view of toward globalisation, they (Appadurai and McChesney)
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This can be supported the claims that globalization shaping cultural homogenization, whoever that have control through the media, shapes how the audience’s belief, thoughts, ideas and perspective, the power or influence that media giants have cannot be underestimated (Baker 2002). This can be a dangerous weapon for current government or opposition to cause a havoc in the country “Democracy” or during “Voting”. A lot of politician has been abusing the media by publishing the bad of opposition to defame them in away during election campaign week (Grubel 2013). Newcorp’s The Daily Telegraph publish a news article “Kick this mob out” story that actually affect the party, ABC’s Media Watch were investigating and following this issue and highlighted that during the first week of election campaign 40 out of 80 stories were against the government (Barry 2013). This is a good example of how media concentration, influence the audience through public sphere. Media giants are driven by profit, which publish stories that are popular in the nation to get more views and hit, rather than stories or news that are important but not exciting to the audience. Giroux mentioned highlight a vital point that “Neoliberalism wages an incessant attack on democracy, public goods, and non-commodified values… As corporate power lays siege to the political process, the benefits flow to the rich and powerful” (2005). Neoliberalism is a worldwide process that is currently occurred in every


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