Censorship in China

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It has been argued that the end of the Cold War and globalisation has made Western-style liberal press system as a universal model and no nation can free itself from the powerful influence of its universal value. Discuss this argument in the Asian context by applying relevant theoretical approaches discussed in this course. You may choose one Asian nation as a case study to address your ideas about the argument.

The Chinese Communist Party exerts near complete control over the country’s 358 television stations and 2,119 newspapers — the primary media available to more than one billion Chinese citizens. In the People’s Republic of China, there are no Chinese-language news media that are both widely accessible and independent of the
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The number of these incidents has risen in the past two years. Since the 1990s, China has witnessed a period of widespread cover-ups and corruption accompanied by shocking events such as the Nandan coal mine accident in Guangxi and the Nanjing poisoning case and labour uprisings in Liaoyang, but these stories have very rarely been reported by the Chinese media. Any report of an industrial accident, or civil unrest that appears in the press represents a hard battle by journalists to disclose it. It is difficult for non-journalists to appreciate the difficulties involved, not only in getting to the bottom of a story, but in battling the various levels of the Chinese bureaucracy. When such reports finally see light of day they typically spell the end of the journalists’ careers, or even land them in prison (Quingian, 2004).

In the current era of globalisation and rapid development of the Chinese economy, and the growing integration of China in the world market, has attracted attention from politicians, business people and academics all around the world. The changes have affected all areas of economic, social and political life. Changes to the mass media have been among the most profound and important of the many transformations that have been going on in China over the last twenty years. China is a transforming society - introducing a capitalist market economy under a


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