The Impact of Globalization on the World

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The 20th and 21st centuries have challenged individuals and communities to find ways to successfully navigate the ever changing reality of the global world.

Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, globalisation has caused the interlinking between the global and the local, resulting in the combination of the values and ideals from each. This process of globalisation has invariably had a great impact upon individuals and communities around the world. While there are many things individuals and communities can gain from the influence of globalisation, an intrusion of global values upon small local communities can result in confusion and loss of sense of identity amongst individuals. Sophia Coppola’s film ‘lost in translation’, Annie Proulx
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In Newfoundland Quoyle find himself a stable job and remarries to Wavey, a woman who strongly represents the values of the local society. Quoyle’s initial description of her is of ‘eyes somewhere between green glass and earth colour. Rough hands.’ The comparison of her eyes to the colour of the earth emphasises Wavey’s connection with the land, and the reference to her rough hands demonstrates her participation in the central labours of the land and sea so important in the local culture of Killick-Claw. Her connection with Quoyle allows the reader to perceive his sense of belonging to his newly adopted local culture. Interestingly, however, Quoyle still keeps in contact with his old friend Partridge from New York, giving an example of the effects of the globalisation process upon one’s sense of the local. The fact that one person can move their ‘local’, while still holding onto connections made within their ‘old local’ reflects the global values of travel and intercontinental communication, and supports the idea that values and culture have at once become global and local. Jack Buggit, publisher of the local newspaper is a character that represents the merging of the global and the local in the 20th and 21st century. . Jack is described as a typical product of the local fishing environment - ‘scale spattered coveralls, feet on desk in rubber boots’. However, Jack invests his future in the hands of a global corporation that has encouraged the giving up of local


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