The Effect of Globalization on Fashion with Special Reference to the Impact of Japanese Designs on the European Scene

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ct Analyse the effect of ‘Globalization’ on fashion with special reference to the impact of
Japanese designs on the European scene.

The definition of globalisation is quite complex and extremely controversial. However globalization with reference to the fashion industry helps defines the development of what has been termed as „world fashion‟. Preferred garments of young people is quite often the same. A phenomenon made possible by the exploitative mechanisms of globalization. The globalization of clothing manufacture, distribution, retailing online, and the global commodity advertising of both designer and high street brands, has impacted significantly on fashion and the way the industry operates. Alternatively the progress of the fashion
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Being one of the first Japanese

designers to establish themselves on the European scene, Kawabuko revolutionized fashion through the means enabled by globalization. This has encouraged other Japanese fashion designers to make their way onto the European scene also, and the effects of globalisation are becoming more noticeable to both the fashion industry and the consumer. Designers now look globally for inspiration and consumers to feel the need to know the latest trends being exhibited by the fashion capitals across the world. The advances in media and technology has allowed globalisation to take effect on fashion in such an influential way, as consumers are now able to source coverage from fashion shows and catwalk reports from fashion capitals all over the world. European consumers no longer just look to London fashion week for an insight into the newest designers, and latest trends in fashion, but such advances in technology and the information published by fashion magazines and online fashion blogs allow the new globalised market to share information from Paris and Milan fashion week.

However although New York, Milan, Paris and London remain the fashion capital of the world, it is important not to ignore the success and influential fashion designs delivered by the Japanese. “American and European designers now say that watching trends in


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