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A global Village[1]


1. Introduction

2. What is Globalisation all about?

3. What are the advantages of a global world?

4. What are the drawbacks of a global world?

5. Trade and Globalisation

6. Migration and Globalisation

7. Conclusion

8. Sources

1. Introduction

As the subject for this Paper I choose Globalisation. The main reason for this choice is my fascination with the subject as well as the fact that in the last few years globalisation has become a much-discussed issue. In this Paper I will attempt to explain the meaning of the word globalisation and I will analyse the advantages and the drawbacks of a global world. Globalisation has changed the face of
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This is now possible as a result of globalisation.

A second important advantage is the increase in the international flow of money. This results in the ability for developed countries to invest in developing countries. Furthermore, corporations are more likely to operate outside their borders, as the regulations are more flexible than in the past.

Never before people have been as much aware of world news as they are now. This is due to the increasing importance of the mass media. Consequently, the world is becoming more aware of the conditions in other countries and global issues. People are communicating with each other all over the world. In a few hours you can be transported to the other side of the world. Transportation technologies have increased impressively in the last few years for goods as well as humans. Besides this, tourism has also notably increased, due to cultural globalisation and the improvements in transportation technology.

As a consequence of Globalisation, several organisations have been set up to increase the interdependence between countries. The European Union is probably the most relevant example. The EU sets some rules in favour of the global economy that countries have to abide by. It also promotes free trade between its member countries by eliminating the borders between those countries.

Finally, another advantage of globalisation is the ability for companies to produce their goods in countries where labour the cost is


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