Lisa Baxter gvv script

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Developing a Voice - Lisa Baxter

Script 1
The company’s image
The employees
The female employees
The women employees
Lisa Baxter
Senior executives
The people who are harassing the women in the organization
Gvv argument
Gvv Counter Argument
Lisa Baxter has been encountering sexual harassment issues in the business and she thought she was the only one, until she found out that also other women in the organization are getting sexually harassed and so she decides to speak up
A meeting with the women going through issues of sexual harassment and the executives taking initial responsibility to punish or warn people harassing women.

Some senior executives had gathered up in one of the senior
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The senior manager accepts his mistake and told Lisa to remind him when he does something like that in the moment so he does not do the mistake again.

Lisa walked into Mr. Stephens cabin.
Stephen: Yes, Lisa, I’ve been expecting you.
Lisa (hesitated and looked at Stephen): Yes I had an issue to discuss with you.
Stephen: yes you mentioned when you arranged this meeting, have a seat. (he put his files that he was working on away)
Lisa ( sat on a chair opposite Stephen): Thank you.
Stephen: So tell me, hat issue is this you wanted to discuss about?
Lisa: Sir a few days ago when we went for our two-day off-site building program . . . (she paused)
Stephen: Yes of course.
Lisa: Sir, I felt really uncomfortable about what happened in the evening that day, it felt really wrong.
Stephen: What, about the strip club?
Lisa: Yes sir, I still bothers me, a lot. I thought you were the most senior manager so I thought I would sort this out with you, I just want to know why it happened and what you think about it?
Stephen: Lisa, I am so sorry, honestly I’m shocked that you would respond about it this in such a way. But if it makes you feel any better since that day whatever happened, ive also been feeling uncomfortable since then.
Lisa: sir its just that you should not have not done such a thing infornt of such women its kind of disrespectful
Stephen: I understand Lisa, I dint know what to do at that time, but now that I think about it I believe I was really