Walmart's Global Expansion in Sweden

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We finally choose Sweden as Walmart’s next expansion location as the CAGE analysis shows that Sweden is the most appropriate country to locate the new hypermarket. Sweden is a developed western country that has many similarities with US in culture, administration and economy. Sweden has a highly-developed capitalist economic system, a stable political environment and few corruption, which provides a stable external environment for Walmart’s entry and continuous operation. Its well-developed infrastructures and transportation also make it easier for Walmart to establish its own distribution system. Also people in Sweden have strong purchasing power and consumption ability as they have long been high income group in the world.
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Cultural literacy and awareness. Global managers should be aware of different norms, rules, assumptions, implications and religions of different cultures and be sensitive to taboos. They should respect other cultures and value this kind of diversity. If they ignore the cultural differences and put aside the diversity, they would not be able to win the loyalty of customers and employees. By coordinating people of different nationalities and from different backgrounds and encouraging diversity in the workplace they can truly lead productive teams.

Be adaptable and flexible. Global managers are faced with uncertainty and changes. They should adjust their plans, strategies or even goals according to the changing situation and come up with new solutions. They should also foresee and accept changes more quickly than domestic managers. By networking flexibly with local investors, partners and regulators they can create more possibilities.

I am a good adapter and I am interested in different cultures. So my strengths would be flexibility and cultural literacy. I have equipped myself with social relationship skills and networking skills and I feel comfortable and confident when establishing new relationships with people from different backgrounds. I can quickly create smooth and open communication with colleagues. Also I can face and changes and challenges