Ups Research Paper

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Strategic Analysis for UPS 4
Organizational Plan for UPS 4
Companies 5
Services 6
The Marketing Plan for UPS 11
Whiteboard Campaign 11
NASCAR Campaign 11
The Operating Plan for UPS 12
Global Trade 13
Infrastructure 14
Customs 14
The Financial Plan for UPS 15
Results 15
Cash Position 16
Supporting Documents 16
Awards 18
Conclusion 18
References 19

Executive Summary

In 1907, a 19 year old entrepreneur James E. Casey and his partner developed a business for the Seattle, Washington area that provided quality messenger services. Within a century, the company managed to globalize the industry of delivery services along with a name many have
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Logistics - A single-source solution to meet your logistics and supply chain needs, from global distribution to post-sales service parts logistics.
International Trade - Customs-specific knowledge and expertise can help simplify the complexities of international trade management, from world-class customs brokerage to compliance consulting and managed services.
Consulting Services - Real-world strategic direction and counsel that help companies align their supply chain operations with their business strategies.
Industry Solutions - Choose an industry-specific problem, and UPS Supply Chain Solutions can provide the solution. We have proven experience in automotive, consumer goods, government, healthcare, high tech, industrial manufacturing, retail, and many other industries. UPS Logistics Technologies is a business unit of UPS that provides industry leading transportation management solutions to distribution companies. Through a suite of integrated software applications, UPS Logistics Technologies has successfully helped thousands of distributors reduce transportation costs, save time routing, improve customer service and increase overall operational efficiency.
UPS Mail Innovations is a high-volume mailing service provider offering an efficient and effective way of delivering your mail. From postal costs to time in transit to packaging labor, their


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