Functional Areas of Business

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Functional Areas of Business: Operations and Project Management
Gregory J. Deschapell
February 12, 2013
Dr. Rosamaria Murillo

Functional Areas of Business: Operations and Project Management
There are several functional areas that compose a business. These areas frequently, if not constantly, interact with one another to ensure that the organization succeeds. This paper will summarize two of these functional areas: Operations and Project Management. We will also review the roles of managers who oversee these areas.
The original concept of operations management dates back to the 1930s when businesses focused on economic efficiency in manufacturing. Soon after, psychologist and sociologists began to observe and
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The next functional area that we will examine is project management. Project management is a branch of management that uses management tools to fulfill a defined goal for a shorter period. These tools may include budget analysis, allocation, and optimization. The term “project management” can take on different meanings. How organizations interpret and apply the position may differ. To gain a better understanding of the definition of project management, it is important have an understanding of what a “project” is. Specifically, a project is,“A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result” (Cooke & Tate, 2011, pg. 39). The word “temporary” assumes that most projects have a starting and ending period and the word “unique” alludes to the fact that most projects normally fall outside the routine definition of an organization’s traditional practices or sevices. In this functional area, teams are assembled to accomplish a specified objective.
The role of a project manager is to plan and execute a project successfully. To accomplish this, a project manager must be in possesion of several skill sets. In addition to basic management skills, a project manager must be able to communicate with other members of the project team effectively and coordinate with other functional areas within the organization to request resources necessary to accomplish the task. A project


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