Business Continuity Planning and Strategic Pre-Incident Change

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Essay: Business Continuity and strategic pre-incident changes the company would follow to ensure the well-being of the enterprise.

Pre-Incident Planning:
Good Business Continuity Planning starts with being proactive. That means taking concrete steps to plan for an incident much before it actually strikes. There is no one single approach that fits for all types of incidents as no two emergencies are identical. Much of business continuity planning varies based on the size of the company, company’s line of business, and the locations of the company, customers and suppliers.

Planning for the business continuity of GlobalNet in the aftermath of a disaster is a complex task. Preparation for, response to, and recovery from a disaster
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* Manage the overall response. * Establish appropriate staffing for the recovery and monitor effectiveness. * Exercise overall responsibility for coordination between Emergency Operations Center and Program Officers in the field. * Move organization operation toward stated recovery objectives.

VP of Finance – Member of BCSC * Maintain daily cash funding of all essential business processes. * Prepare and maintain a cumulative cost report for the event. * Ensure easy access to necessary capital. * Process and track emergency funds. * Coordinate vendor contracts not included in the current approved vendor lists. * Establish and manage disaster accounts. * Notify insurers and third parties as needed. * Collect and maintain documentation on all disaster information for reimbursement.

Director of Administration – Member of CBCC * Ensure that the business units are returned to normal operations as quickly as possible. * Ensure and Monitor Campus safety and security. * Assist in the development of an alternate site as necessary. * Assist staff with any aspect of travel including transportation and lodging. * Oversee the investigation of property and equipment damage claims arising out of the event. * Notify insurers and third parties as needed. * Coordinate paperwork required


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