Female Sexuality

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| Activism Project | Female Sexuality | | Leisa Thornton | 5/2/2011 |

The pleasures and rights of a woman’s sexual freedom, and doing it safely was my activism project main objective. I endeavored to educate woman concerning these issue in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. This topic can be simultaneously controversial and exciting. What is female sexuality? Female sexuality encompasses a broad range of topics, including female sexual identity and sexual behavior, the physiological, psychological, social, cultural, political, and spiritual aspects of sex. This is not a subject that has recently been viewed as a topic of interest. This subject has been under scrutiny for many centuries. To discuss sexuality is
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A woman should and has the right to fulfill her every sexual fantasy, or dream, but how she goes about it is the most important issue. Safe sex is the key. Every person should equip themselves with knowledge of safe sex and practice it diligently. You should make informed and responsible decisions concerning your body. The practical portion of my activism project I enjoyed immensely. Education is my passion and I wanted women to be educated about their sexuality and enjoying it, but doing it safely. My goal was to empower woman with knowledge so that they will be equip to make an informed decision about their sexuality. The first step in my activism project was to gather information about female sexuality and different contraceptives. I searched for an organization that would give free pamphlets, brochures and contraceptives in bulk. My Brothaz Home was very helpful and generous with all the information and free contraceptives I needed. The second step in my project, I build a tri board that consisted of three areas: one area was pamphlet and information about free testing sites, STD’s, and gender counseling. Another area displayed male and female condoms in different color and textures, lubricate and dental dams. The middle area gave comparison information of female sexuality in the Victorian era versus modern era


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