| the Occurrence of Osmosis and Diffusion in Artificial and Living Cells

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| The Occurrence of Osmosis and Diffusion in Artificial and Living Cells | David Michael | March 24, 2011 | Partners: Fady Guirguis, Klaus Blandon, and Mauricio Rodriquez. | |

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II. Introduction 4
III. Materials and Methods 9
IV. Results 15
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This lab focuses on the understanding of osmosis and diffusion in a practical sense. It allows the conductor to see what factors affect diffusion and osmosis. This report was written to explain and present the results gathered in a precise and organized manner. This experiment was divided into two parts. The first part concentrated on the placing potato cylinders in different sucrose
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A factor in the determination is the solute concentration across the membrane. When the solute concentration has a difference across the membrane, then water will move across the membrane. This will make water move quicker.

This lab focuses on study of osmosis and diffusion in the dialysis bag, which is semipermeable. The dialysis bag contains all very small opening in the surface. These openings or pores vary in size. Due to the fact that water molecules are much smaller than biological macromolecules, this experiment will feature both osmosis and water and diffusion. In comparison to the real cell membrane the cell membrane is more selective on the particle that pass through. If the selectivity of the dialysis tube is not considered then this is a good represent of the cell membrane. (Keith et al,. 2010)

Part I: Water Potential (Potato core in different concentrations of sucrose solutions)

Ho: The weights of the potato cylinders will not change after contact with solution for a period of one hour.

Ha: There will be a change in the weight of the potato slices after being in contact with solution for a period of one hour.

Part II: Simultaneous Osmosis and Diffusion: (dialysis tubing experiment)

Ho: Diffusion or osmosis will not take place in the dialysis bag.

Ha: Diffusion or osmosis will change the contents of the bag and