Family Life Education

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Part I:
What is family life education? Include in your answer a discussion of the following concepts: a. A definition of family. b. The purpose of family life education. c. Its intended benefits, its intended audience(s). d. The appropriate content or units within a family life education curriculum (including the contexts for family life education). e. Appropriate levels of educator/participant involvement. f. And ethical considerations.

A Definition of Family: There are several different definitions of what family life education (FLE) is, dating back to 1962. Many may say the definitions that have been given are too broad and too vague, therefore, family life educators have moved beyond trying to
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Appropriate levels of educator/participant involvement: As a professional, the educator must be able to recognize and accept his/her own, as well as each individual’s abilities and limitations, which are referred to as the levels of involvement between the educator and the individuals participating in the programs. Educators must cope with some level of personal issues in order to be an effective teacher without moving beyond their level of practice. There are five levels which are described in the Family Involvement Model.
Level 1: Minimal Emphasis on Family—focuses more on the institution or organization implementing the programs rather than on the individuals or families involved in the programs.
Level 2: Information and Advice—sharing of relevant information and knowledge. At this stage the educator must have good communication skills, being able to initiate discussions, answer questions, know where information came from, and be able to make recommendations (no personal feelings involved).
Level 3: Feelings and Support—at this stage the educator must be comfortable with himself and able to communicate personal responses to the group (includes personal experiences).
Level 4: Brief Focused Intervention—includes all aspects of levels 1—3 but includes having to assess situations and developing a plan of action. The text book states that although level 3 is typically the most appropriate level of interaction for educators, they also need to be


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