The Smile Ray Bradbury Narrative Organizer

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ENG2D Narrative Organizer Chart: Short Literature Name(s): Lauryn Overholt & Stacy Willert Setting | This story is set in the future after warfare has destroyed nearly all traces of civilization. We know its set in the future because in the text it states the year is “2061”. We can interpret that its taken place after because in the texts it says “’Hate for everything in the Past. I ask you, Tom how did we get in such a state, cities all junk, roads like jigsaws from bombs and half the cornfields glowing with radioactivity at night?’” Specifically it takes place in a town square, as it says in the text, that we assume is in Europe because the painting, Mona Lisa is currently held in Europe. | Mood or Atmosphere or Tone | …show more content…

This story takes place in this town that has given up on trying to make things beautiful after the war. The Mona Lisa shows that even though it seems as though the everything is destroyed and that hope is lost, there can be beauty and hope for things to turn around. Even though the Mona Lisa was destroyed, before the portrait’s destruction Tom worked to save the painting. Even though he wasn’t fully successful he did end up with a piece that gave him hope and showed him there’s still beauty left in the world. Therefore the theme of this story is that there is beauty and hope in anything and everything as long as you make an effort to reach it. | Plot | * At town square a boy, Tom, is waiting in line * Man questions his attendance and say he should be in bed still * Grigsby defends Tom * Tom’s turn to spit on the painting * He found the painting too beautiful and wouldn’t spit * Crowd charges and begins to destroy the painting * Tom grabs a piece of the painting * Tom then runs fast back to his home * He goes to bed after his parents scolded him * Waiting for his family to fall asleep * Tom uncrumples the piece of painting he took * The piece he took was the smile of the woman in the portrait * He laid there mesmerized by the smile and falls asleep | Literary Devices | * Onomatopoeia was used in this text. “Crash!” and “Wham!” * Foreshadowing was used in the title. The title of this story is “The Smile” this vague