Women in the Media in Kuwait

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Women in The Media in Kuwait Research

MRKT 200/01
Spring 2010
This essay will discuss women in the media in Kuwait. It is very important to define media to allow better understanding of the power and benefits women gained from the media. Women role was different in pre-oil period and after oil discovery. Education made significant differences in Kuwaiti women lives. They entered Media holding bachelors degrees and PhDs and insisted to fight until they won their social and political rights. In addition, in appreciation for their efforts I wrote the biographies of some powerful media women in Kuwait.

Women in The Media in Kuwait Research Kuwait is
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She did not waste her time and decided to study English at the Community Services Department of Columbia University. She started to practice broadcasting in New York, with the Voice of America Radio, where she prepared and presented messages to Radio Kuwait, under the theme name “Journal of a Kuwaiti Lady in New York”. Radio Kuwait awarded her efforts and offered her another scholarship to study the art of Broadcasting in the University of New York and she managed to take several courses in the Art in the Art of Broadcasting. After she returned to Kuwait and started to work at Radio Kuwait she prepared he own daily program about woman and the family for 15 minutes. She became a media woman with the programs she prepared on the family issues. Kuwaiti Journalist women were the less in media sector due to the nature of work and the difficult circumstances. Hidaya Sultan Al-Salem was the owner and editor of the weekly "al-Majales". She was supposed to be honored for her contributions and articles but instead she was murdered on 20 March at her 66 years old. She was famous and active journalist when she was killed on her way to work. A Kuwaiti military man was following her and in the middle of the street he opened fire on her chauffeur-driven car in Kuwait City. The killer confessed that he took revenge and killed Hidaya because of her article about the girls of his tribe


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