Comparing Amish and North American Society to Determine Which Is More

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Katie Connolly
For: Mrs. Hunter
A1 English
Comparison Essay – the Differences and Similarities between Amish and North American Society

We can compare Amish society as seen in the movie Witness to North American society to decide which is more ideal. An ideal society is one where there is a strong sense of community among all the members. Education prepares children for life; therefore the type of education a child receives will change the society in the next generation. Although education is valued in both societies, its focus is much different. The Laws of a society reflect the values of a community, and it shows what they consider to be right and wrong. Each society has laws that reflect its values; however the way the laws are
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In the movie Witness, Eli works hard to keep Samuel from thinking that killing is ok, by quoting from the Bible. This shows that children are valued in Amish society. The two societies have different rules about the roles of men and women, and their equality. Women in North America have gained more and more equality to men, and can now get job that they couldn't have gotten before. There are now women firefighters, and new laws have just been created to allow them to join the force easier. In Amish society, the women do the household jobs and the men do the manual labour. When the men are building the barn in the movie Witness, the women are making food for the men; and when the men are eating, the women are serving them food. Thus the equality of women, and family life is different between the two societies. Amish society is better in this sense because everyone has their own roles, and knows what to do. When everyone knows their place in the community, it brings them together.
Amish society is a more ideal society because the education better prepares children for their future, their laws do what is best for the community and in the family life, everyone has their own roles. This provides a better sense of community because everything will run smoother. The Amish people in general are a much more stable, and a much more subdued society. They live in peace with each other, and even though they do more physical