O.J Simpson Essay

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O.J. Simpson Trial The O.J. Simpson trial was one of the most recognizable cases in American History. It went on for 9 months. At 12:10 am on June 13, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were found murdered right outside of Bundy drive condo in Brentwood. Evidence found in the scene led the Police to suspect that O.J. Simpson was the murderer. Although the prosecution pointed to the evidence of the case Simpson lawyers argued that the police bungle the investigation and planted evidence. An examination of the case is that one of the policemen was racist and planted evidence in the scene to accuse O.J. Simpson of being the murderer. “Exactly what happened sometime after ten o'clock on the Sunday night of …show more content…

Over 3 months of the trial so many witnesses have been called up to the trial that only one was useful. Allen Park, the limo driver said that he arrived at Simpson house at 10:25 to pick him up for his flight to Chicago. Allen Park rang the door bell repeatedly and got no answer so he waited outside. About 11:00 he saw a shadowy black, tall person who entered Simpsons house. A couple of minutes later O.J Simpson came outside his house and told Allen that he overslept and realize that he was still waiting for him. Allen saw him carrying a black bag and said that Simpson didn’t let him touch it.
As the trial got closer of finding Simpson to be guilty of the two murders. A police officer found a bloody glove outside of Kato Kaelin bedroom. He is a friend of O.J Simpson and he lived in his guest house at the moment. Cochran said that it was planted by the corrupt policemen. When Christopher Darden brought the glove to Simpson, Simpson struggled putting on the gloves and said see they don’t fit. Cochran then told Judge Ito that the gloves didn’t fit him and said that O.J is not guilty. “The strategy of Simpson's defense team, called the "Dream Team" in the media, was to undermine the prosecution's evidence concerning motive, suggest Simpson was physically incapable of committing the crime, raise doubts about the prosecution's timeline, and finally to