Explain How to Plan a Small Scale Campaign

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P3 - Explain how to plan a small scale health education campaign relevant to local or national strategies.

We first started doing our health campaign on smoking and aimed it on people that were 16 years old and pregnant women. Smoking causes health problems such as several types of cancer which have been broadcasted through advertising and several other campaigns warning people about the repercussions of smoking. There have been many national health strategies to help promote the negative impact of smoking on our health. One campaign is by the NHS called ‘Smoke Free’ which is there to help people stop smoking and give them encouragement to do so. With public health, the Government has decreased the amount of people smoking due to
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Furthermore, children that age also like to be in relationships. Because of this, we gathered information about bad breath and what it could do to your teeth to make them look more attractive to their partner. For pregnant women, we realised that they watched things such as chat shows and we thought about finding a celebrity that had been on a chat show in order to get across to them that someone has stopped smoking for their pregnancy that they idolise.

Whilst planning, we realised that there might be some ethical issues. One ethical issue that we resolved is through confidentiality. We would make it clear that the questionnaire and the information obtained from it would remain confidential and stay in the room. As well as this, we also made it clear to the audience that they had to respect other peoples opinions and that we had to respect other peoples opinions. Furthermore, we had to show that we weren’t going to be judgemental towards the people in the room. As an example, if there was a pregnant woman smoking, we would make it clear that we weren’t there to judge them but to just give them facts and not our opinions and what we thought of them. In particular, we had to just give facts to pregnant women as they might already feel guilty about smoking during their pregnancy. However, we would find out beforehand if there was anyone in the target audience that had done this so we wouldn’t hurt their feelings.



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