Your Inner Fish

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Kalia Espinoza
AP Biology
30 August 2010 Your Inner Fish Your Inner Fish, by Neil Shubin, is a journey into the 3.5- billion- year history of the human body. It is filled with many interesting topics covering the subject. The four topics I liked from it were: Getting a Grip, Handy Genes, Teeth Everywhere, and Adventures in Body Building. I feel these topics gave key information about our past. Chapter 2, Getting a Grip, talks about the connections between the human and other creatures’ limbs. It also talks about Shubin’s fossil, Tiktaalik, and the unique specialized limbs it had. Ours hands have long fascinated scientists because of the complexity in them. Sir Richard
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Teeth are a special kind of organ because of their hardness. Teeth are as hard as rocks in ways. They are restraint to bending, compression, and other stresses because they contain the molecule hydroxyapatile. This molecule is also a part in the infrastructure of bones. By studying the fossil of a tooth, you can find how animals’ teeth, jaw, and even ears have developed and evolved over time. Teeth are a powerful window and useful way to learn about our past.
Chapter seven, Adventures in Bodybuilding, discusses the human body and how it came to be. There is much to learn about the body. It is composed up of many different specialized cells with their own unique functions. Contained inside the cells is much of what makes up a body. It also makes up much of what makes us unique. Because of the ways or cells attach to one another, the ways they communicate, and the different materials they make, is why our body looks different from other creatures. But, before there was even a “body plan” there had to be a way to make it in the first place. How can this be possible? Cells had to know how to cooperate to make all of the body’s tissues and structures. They come together to make an entirely new kind of individual.
Why might have bodies came about in the first place? A theory is that perhaps they arose when microbes developed new ways to eat each other or avoid being eaten. A body with many cells allows creatures to


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