Ethics of Abortion

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Ethics of Abortion: Is it Moral or Immoral?

From the day you are born, learning and education are the most important skills for survival in today's society. The most valuable thing learned on your journey of life is the ability to distinguish "Right from Wrong", both technically and morally. Though easy at first with the minor day to day issues we deal with, it can become quite difficult when more pressing issues are placed in front of you. Many things influence a person's judgment. While one person believes that their view is the absolute truth, another sees that person as idiotic and uneducated. The important thing to remember when making a decision is to be open-minded, and push the outside influences away so that you can see both
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Feminist activists have argued that for a woman to have equal rights regarding sexual freedom, abortion must be freely available (Jones, 2007). In all other situations, where individuals are deemed competent to make informed decisions, their autonomy is respected and they are allowed to decide what happens to their body without being forced to act against their wishes. “Pro-choicer believes that a woman has agency and is capable of making moral decisions; this includes the right to make decisions regarding her reproductive health” (Deeb-Sossa, 2009). If a fetus has a right to life that is equal to that of any other human being, it may be claimed that society has a moral duty to protect it (Jones, 2007). This issue is key to the arguments about abortion, since both the life and rights of the fetus and pregnant woman are equal or they are not. The argument that the fetus's right to life is equal to the woman's has been disputed, since the fetus may be considered only a potential life which is reliant on the pregnant woman for existence. The woman is already an individual, fully formed life and must, according to this view, have preference over the potential life of the fetus. Although I am against abortions, there are benefits to having an abortion. The big benefits of having an abortion can be seen right away is relief. The feeling most women have after having an abortion is relief in


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