Culture in Urban Schools - Paper on the Movie Precious

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Culture in Urban Schools
SOSE 3306
Final Exam

Directions: Choose movie from the list below to answer the following questions. Answer the questions within the framework of the Culture in Urban in Schools 3306 class. Each question is 20 points each.

Suggested Movies or Books:

Slumdog Millionaire
Freedom Writers
The Secret Lives of Bees
Save the Last Dance
To Kill a Mockingbird

Name of Movie: _____________________Precious___________________

1. Describe the movie/book setting by using Sociocultural Theory. Look at the dominant and marginalized groups, the structural inequality of the systems in the story, and the power/privilege of the characters. How does the author tell their story or stories?
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Even though Claireece was sent to the alternative school, it was not a recommendation as part of dominant group program or system; in contrast, it was because of the extra effort of her junior high school’s principal.

4. What was the author’s purpose for writing/creating this story?

The author had a two-fold purpose for writing this story. First, the obvious story on the surface, which is the story of a person who struggles to rise above the ashes of the decay surrounding her life to provide a better opportunity for not only herself, but for the children. One of the poignant moments of the movie is when Claireece declares that she is actually the best option for her son, her children. Despite the void of the usual things needed, she is determined to give her children a different life, which means a different life for her. I also think the other story in the movie is about those people who sacrifice of their own life to provide hope for the marginalized group. Blu Rain, and also Mrs. Weiss, the social worker, shows the passion and dedication needed to reach students and those in need. Mrs. Weiss could have simply followed the Q & A protocol at her dress and push the necessary paperwork through for Claireece, all in the name of “doing her job”, but instead she went through great pain and discomfort to get Claireece to open and face her own reality; to step outside of the