psy Article: Obey at Any Cost?

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Research Experience Paper
Psychology 101
Arielle Mason
Professor C Maile
October 15, 2013

Article: Obey at Any Cost? Many times we are given commands or orders from a higher authority or power some of which we do not agree with or follow. This is because we use our moral values and human emotions to determine whether they were right or wrong. But there is a time where we may judge and not agree while others may not pass a judgment and be in agreement. In the study of Psychology we look to a researchers finding to prove the way we respond to emotional, environmental and societal changes. Stanley Milgram a researcher that set out on the behalf of Yale University conducted a study to determine how obedient
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This is true because as they recited the words incorrectly the shock was applied immediately. With this situation if not given reinforcement right away the participants would not have focused on getting the pairs correct. While finding some truth to this experiment; there was a lack of proof of where the participants were challenged ethically. We can first tell this when there were no women; given real life instances and what post changes that can take place after being in a controlled experiment. Also, what kept them receiving the pain as it got worst. In a study like this, an exaggeration of the reactions to the environment would give this study more validation. We would support his study if he tried to prove if environmental, physical and emotional aspect of how the human mind responds to authority. This experiment would have been highly affiliated with how fast humans respond to authority if these tests were given. That is why researchers through the era of psychology like to use or refer to Law Enforcement officials to this correlation of obedience. The reason is they have to execute order under capital punishment where the result is death instead of temporary pain. They may or may not agree with the cruel mission requested by society to be carried out with no human response of empathy. These officers have to obey this command to make sure their freedom, family needs and job description is met. Since this experiment researchers try