Mozart and Haydn

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Two of history's greatest figures in the development of Classical style music during the eighteenth century were Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Haydn. Both men worked together and were very close friends while living in Vienna. Between the two, Joseph Hayden and Amadeus Mozart devoted much of their music for composing symphonies, minuets, librettos, sonatas, concertos, masses, oratorios and operas. While both men achieved popularity and status during their time, they also discovered that success must be earned rather than freely given. While both men enjoyed similar success during their lives, their character and personal lives contrast one another as one developed a haughty spirit and died penniless after enjoying a life of fame …show more content…

The servant wanted to be treated as the master. This is also evident during his service to Archbishop Colloredo as he requested to be discharged due to being unhappy with "the way he was being treated" in Vienna. Mozart's character displayed little discipline and maturity apart from music. He often went through periods of financial difficulty despite being paid well for a musician during his time. He and his wife lived lavishly often leading this proud man with the need to borrow money. Mozart is one of the most influential people in musical history, yet his story is one of the saddest ones to be told. Although respected and highly revered for his musical contributions all over the world, this talented boy grew up to be an arrogant, haughty, and foolish person who endured much suffering that was self imposed. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died in his thirties on December 5, 1791. After enjoying a life of fame and enjoying celebrity status, Mozart died heavily in debt and was buried in an unmarked grave. Joseph Haydn's life was every bit as happy and fulfilled as Mozart's was depressing. Haydn displayed humility as he faced challenges throughout his life. Unlike Mozart, Hayden's character displayed a servant's heart as he was forced to work odd jobs while keeping focused with the goals that he had set for himself. Haydn's love of music led him to become a choirboy for the Viennese Cathedral at eight years old. As time


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