Abortion in Thai Perspective

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Abortion In Thai Perspective


Nattapong Pienpitak

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ENG 103

Stamford University International College

9th December, 2014

Introduction Abortion or some says “miscarriage” has a long story and can be dated back to our ancient civilization such as China, Egypt, and Roman empires. There are several evidences to indicate that abortion is committed since ancient time. There are many ways to abort fetus inside mother’s stomach which are considered all inhumane, however, people still doing it till this very day. There are three main methods of abortion which people use around the world which are, medical abortion, surgical abortion, and other methods. However, the information in this essay
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This can reduce the rates of illegal abortion in Thailand, and it is directly related to women right. Legal abortion can eliminate gender discrimination. To illustrate, there are many men who leave women to experience with pregnant problems, so this is really unfair for women because pregnancy should be responsibility of both men and women ("Thailand Law", 2013). Hence, if the abortion law is legalised, it will protect women, and they will no longer resort to dangerous illegal abortion. The government should play a significant role to educate people to protect themselves, and they should provide accommodation for young parents such as health care for their child. It maintains that legalizing abortion is not the solution to Thailand high rate of population growth. It says that effective sex education is better than amendments to legal abortion in Thailand. Lastly, illegal abortion is performed by untrained or unqualified person. Therefore, mothers have a chance to suffer internal bleeding or even lead to death. Just as mention above, abortion is illegal in Thailand and it is not acceptable in Thai culture. Thai people do not want to “lose face” especially in the public, so this is the reason why Thai people like to go to illegal clinics. They are more private, and they believe that illegal clinic can keep their information safer than hospital. As a result, other people do not know that they had ever aborted. Therefore, this standard of belief is led to even


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