Aboriginal Self Government

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Aboriginal Self Government

Aboriginal self-government is a long standing issue that continues to be a struggle for the First Nations People. To truly understand the scope of Aboriginal self-government within First Nations communities, more effort is needed to understand the legislative system that runs Canada. This issue of self-governance has been very destructive in First Nations communities. After signing the Treaties, First Nations People was stripped of their livelihood and from that point on to abide by the Dominion of Canadas legislative policies. One current issue that would be a perfect example is the Nisga People in British Columbia who is no longer under the protection of the
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In Daniel Raunet’s book Without surrender without consent 1996, he looks closely at how the provincial and federal legislation combined at the time took control of the area without notification to the First Nations People who occupied the area[7]. To maintain a level of self-governance the Nisga people will have to be in the politician spear of politics. The House of Commons where the bill are passed is where the mist influential of self-government truly lies. In order to change policies is to understand that it is not just the community one is from but the nation as a whole that can create positive change that will help maintain a level of governance of First Nations People. Not to say that what happened to their people and the stripping of their land, they in turn did get a parcel that was debated by the Supreme Court of Canada. This political presence known as the constitution hold the power to change policies that will affect how self-government is maintained. In order to gain self-government there needs be to change within the policies that run Canada and understand how the legislative system is very important when dealing with the issue of self-government. This constitution Act not only governs Canada but the First Nations Peoples also. The hard fought journey of self-government seems like a long lived battle that will never be solved or won. In the turn of events to follow the Nisga people have control of


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