Ethical Responsibilities of Celebrities

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Do celebrities have ethical responsibilities to set good examples to young people?
Aainaa Azmi
Abigail Palmer
Raveena Devi
Soon Tsuey Jing
Sanjeetha Raja

Segi University College
American Degree Program
Summer 2012

Do celebrities have ethical responsibilities to set good examples for young people? Young people nowadays need role models more than they ever needed before. We can see that crimes rates involving youngsters are increasing worldwide. One of the possible causes is that parents are more consumed with their careers and their children are left unsupervised throughout the day. Young people spend their leisure time watching movies, updating themselves on the latest trends and gossip concerning celebrities. With the publicity
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Mary-Kate Olsen has usually been seen with her twin, Ashley Olsen. Few people view them as distinct individuals. However, Mary-Kate Olsen likes to prove that she and her sister are different. They have been labeled as the weird twins, anorexic and bulimic people and many more. From what has been posted by the media, the public tend to come up with a thought that they are a bad influence for them and the rest of the generation. In a personal interviewed, they once pointed out that they do not like mixing their fame and business with personal matters. They find it awkward to be associated with fame at times. They prefer staying out of the lime light when they are not at work. After reading this statement, we would probably have different perception about them. I think it is up to the people to make decisions and not look in magazine or any sources to see how they should conduct themselves, but instead look inward and make those decisions on their own. In other respects, celebrities do not have ethical responsibilities to set good examples for young people because they are human beings who are prone to make mistakes of their own. Every human being makes mistakes in their lives and it is practically impossible not to do so. Often we do not realize that celebrities are humans as well and therefore judgmental remarks, slander and defamation tend to float around by the smallest mistake that they have done. The only difference between a


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