Existentialism Is a Humanism

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CONTEXT Sartre is trying to defend existentialism against some disapproval to it. The Communist criticized existentialism as an invitation to people to take interest in hopeless world affairs. On the other hand, Christians reproached from the fact that people deny the need of attention in human affairs. People have the will to do anything they want and wish. With the example given, about ignoring the Ten Commandments, we can people deny the value of following the commandments and will only follow it if they wish.

THE MEANING OF EXISTENTIALISM According to Sartre, existentialism is a principle that provides human life possible. It also determines that every truth and action we know involves both an environmental and a human subjectivity.
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SUBJECTIVITY What Sartre and Descartes both agree on is that truth must first have an absolute truth. If not, it will crumble into nothing. Sartre thinks that the theory alone is incompatible with the dignity of man because “it is the only one which does not make man into an object.” Their main aim of that view is to distinguish the human kingdom as pattern of values to that of the material world.

THE OTHER Sartre believes that when we are trying to think to discover ourselves, we are to discover everything from others. To recognize oneself is to be recognize by other people. With “I cannot obtain any truth whatsoever about myself, except through the mediation of another”, Sartre is saying that we need other to seek the truth that we are trying to find. That being an individual is not enough to find the truth and identity.

INTER-SUBJECTIVITY We should understand that “all the limitations which a priori define man’s fundamental situation in the universe.” The historical situation of every man is different from what they experienced. Human condition is saying that from having freedom, we are also entitled to take full responsibility of it. I think it is possible to understand and value something about all people because there is still universality, which mean that in somehow we can still understand things outside ourselves.

BAD FAITH One of the


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