The Wage Gap in America

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The Wage Gap in America The wage gap is a serious problem that has consequences for women in America, our two parent families and our single mom households. The government tries to reduce the wage gap between men and women’s earnings and tries to make sure that women’s talents are properly used and rewarded. A lot has been done to relive the wage gap in the past fifty years, but it still is not enough. Women can do things on their own to help close the wage gap. They can get a non-traditional job or they can join a union. Women need to find out a company’s policy and discuss their salaries. The wage gap is a problem American women need to address, not wait on the government to fix it for us. The wage gap can be defined as the …show more content…
We need to talk to our daughters about going into non-traditional fields like welding, auto mechanics, and auto body. These fields are not just for men and the pay rate is much higher. The average rate of pay for a welder with one to four years experience is 13.85 an hour, where a beautician makes only 8.79 an hour on average. Women must take a position for equal pay. If an employer can not or will not show women and men are paid equally for the job they are seeking and for other jobs it makes sense to look elsewhere. Things to look for are written pay and benefit policies, job descriptions and evaluation procedures with employee input. Women can negotiate their salaries; ask for the same pay men earn. Research the salaries in your field. When you know what other people in your occupation are earning, you can more effectively bargain for a fair salary. Keep your eyes open for a promotion. Ask for raisees. The wage gap is still a problem in America after all the work that has been done to ease the difference between the pay of men and women. The wage gap extends beyond our nations women and men; it affects children. Women need to learn to stand up for there right to equal pay. There are ways out there to close the wage gap; we just need to make the problem aware to more people through educating them about the wage gap. Not all the problem is because women settle for a job because of their family situation, or lack of


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