Environmental Issues in China

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As our population is growing, when we are taking it for granted to ask the nature for resource we want, environmental protection is becoming more and more important and necessary. Water protection is especially urgent now. We can see the water pollution is becoming worse. In this essay, I am going to talk about the recent situation of the water pollution, the bad effects of it and some ways help to solve the problem as well.
As we know, China is a big country as well as a developing country. Developing countries need to develop quickly so that they can catch up with those developed ones; as a result, many enterprises in china keep running days and nights, which let out effluent continuously at the same time they gain profit. Another
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Fresh water makes people healthy but the dirty one may cause dizzy, stomach ache, vomit, sick and even die(2006 online). Furthermore, for enterprises, if water has been polluted seriously, it’s not available to be used for producing, and farmers could not irrigate with clean water any more.
To solve these problems three sides should cooperate together. On one side, public, they should be educated to know about the importance of environment protection, and be aware of the crisis around us, because nature will someday give us his revenge if we continue treating him bad. Behave ourselves don’t throw garbage into rivers or on streets. In addition, people should take the doubtful and refused attitude toward those companies who don’t reach Green standards. On the other side, industries should enhance the sense of responsibility as well as to have the consciousness to protect environment. What is more, build a water purifying tank, purge waste water before let them flow out. Enterprises should also make extra efforts to reduce the use of fresh water, discipline and contribute to society, if they want to get most profit from it. Last but not lease, government plays an important role when solving the problem. Firstly, laws should be strengthened to administrate enterprises and standardize them, and fined more heavily as well. Not only punish enterprises but also people who pollute the environment.


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