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Introduction I have chosen two of the biggest broadband and telecommunication companies in Ireland for this website comparison. O2 and Vodafone are both leading distributors of mobile services for individuals and corporate clients providing them with solutions in communications. They are the two biggest competitors in the mobile networking industry in Ireland constituting for 88% of the total market. This market percentage is split between Vodafone and O2, 48% and 40% respectively.

I have chosen these two websites for comparison for a number of reasons. I have been a frequent user of both sites, and am interested in the industry. The main reason however I selected these websites is due to the substantial differences in theme and design
…show more content… is another partner site that basically provides users with a media player containing exclusive gigs and interviews with artists and celebrities. This idea is related with O2 treats which fundamentally aims towards rewarding customers, by offering them priority ticketing for the O2 arena, and offering exclusive interviews for members as well as special discounts around Ireland. This is something O2 are specialising and it entices customers to stay with the network.


The Vodafone website is particularly contrasting to the O2 site. Although the options and headers are relatively similar it is the theme and the design which differ. The theme of the site is dominantly red, matching the Vodafone logo. However, it does not share the same consistency as O2’s blue theme as there are other colours which I personally found quite distracting when trying to analyse it. For example on the home page red is clearly the dominant colour, however the Vodafone login box on the right side of the screen has a purple outline, which seems lost on the page. Underneath this there are two other boxes for “top questions” and “most popular searches”. These boxes are outlined in a green colour which again feels quite out of place. Also the exclusive offers box in the middle of the screen is outlined in blue. Alls of these different colours makes it difficult to match the


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