English Chapter 3

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Vincenzo DeMaria 9/24/12 English 101
Page 106
What did the writer say and what do you think? (1-3) 1.) No, I do not think any of Fulford’s examples of Movie Wisdom strikes me as inaccurate. Its because most of his examples were all on point and he explained how movies are predictable once you have a little in following the plots of different types of movies. 2.) He includes an anecdote, in an essay that shows how movies get it wrong, because he wants to tell the readers that people believe what they see and
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They did this by choosing their route instead of what is expected. Sollisch’s children discovered different answers to their question about the “What doesn’t belong?’’ between the orange, tomato, and strawberry. 3.) Other diseases that were conquered by abandoning the quest for a cure and instead finding ways to prevent them, like smallpox, are Typhoid, Cholera and polio.
How did the writer say it? (1-3) 1.) The title is effective because it’s telling the reader that there is a nature of creative thinking and a wide variety of ways people can look at when answering questions. 2.) The elevated language in paragraph 1 are amusing because the three kids took time out of their food fight to teach their parent about paradigm shifts and limitations of linear thinking and how to refocus parameters. But really what they were doing was looking at the question that they were asked in many different ways. 3.) It relates to the rest of the of the essay because its basically saying that “don’t do the bare minimum, but try and go outside your horizon and look at things in a different way”.
Page 114
What did the writer say and what do you think? (1-3) 1.) Marquart doesn’t have that many examples that support her thesis. No, they are not sufficient because they don’t support the main idea of the essay. 2.)


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