TCP Task 2

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English Composition I
TCP Task 2
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Leadership. The word means so many things to so many different people. Where a person grew up, what generation they were born into, if they were raised going to church, if they had a teacher that made an impact on their life and so many different ways of life can define what leadership might be to an individual. A search on for “leadership” generates 113,754 results in the books section. Searching “influence leadership” generates 14,877 and another search of transformational leadership generates 6,444 results. It would seem that there is tremendous interest on how to become a better leader.
Researching researchers of leadership introduces
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He took time to build relationships and allowed others to see that he cared about them and about Ford the brand. One of the processes that was put into a place was a “Red, Yellow, Green” system during staff meetings to report progress on their projects. For the first few months, each executive reported projects as green and on track. Finally, about 90 days later, Mark Fields finally reported one of his projects as red. Hoffman reports “the room went silent and all eyes were on Mulally waiting for his reaction. Mulally slowly and deliberately began clapping.” (Hoffman, 2013). He publically praised Fields for his honesty and starting soliciting ideas on how others could assist the project. This moment has been defined as the begin of the turn around for Ford Motor Credit Company. This moment has also been defined as the day Alan Mulally was recognized at the one to follow at Ford. Setting the tone as an influential leader can take time and lots of little wins before the big one, but the time spent up front building relationships and trust is an investment that was worth it for Mulally.

Bass and a team of PhD’s from the Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences studied 72 light infantry rifle platoon leaders to determine if leadership ratings in stable conditions predict subsequent performance of those units operating under high stress and


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