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Purpose and overview
This report is meant for the vice president of marketing at Aussie Pooch Mobile. The report is meant to help Aussie Pooch Mobile identify the best marketing strategy to use in order for it to be among the best dog washing company and also help it stay profitable and ahead of its competitors. Identifying the areas the company can tap into, that is the external opportunities, the competitors that are likely to pose a threat to Aussie Pooch Mobile and diminish its revenue base, will do this. The report will also analyze the strengths of the company that it needs to build upon and, the weaknesses or the things the company is not doing the way it should be done and find a solution to improve these areas altogether.
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All these will make them stronger and more successful than their competitors. Their point of view is that what counts are the quality of service provided and not the size; therefore they should focus on their strengths and improve on their weaknesses. The SWOTs in bold fonts above, but not limited will help APM a great deal in expanding its business internationally.

External Opportunities Aussie Pooch Mobile should exploit.
Service industry is growing
Growing demand for dog washing services
Changing household model, that is dual income families who don’t have time
More people decide to have a dog, which will create an opportunity for the dog washing business
Australians are spending an estimated $1.3 billion on dog-related goods and services

External Threats to the success of APM
Growing competition of Jim’s Dogwash and Hydrodog
Lack of information about potential international markets
Recruitment problems in other markets like the one Jim’s Dogwash had in the US markets
The English trends of infrequent dog washing
Regulations by the government, which will create bottleneck effect on the franchising sector.
Low barriers to entering the dog wash business

Internal Strengths to Capitalize on
Mobile service, taken to the customers’ homes
Prices lower than their competitors
Additional services of aromatherapy and blow-drying
Additional information provided such as dietary, skin care and grooming recommendations
Experience in the