The Impact of Training and Development on Employee Performance and Organizational Growth

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Human resources are the most valuable assets of any organization, with the machines, materials and even the money; nothing gets done without man-power. In today’s business climate, businesses are faced with stiff internal and external competition. There are various human resource functions that give an organization a competitive edge, but most scholars argue that human resource functions becomes only operational when training has run through them all. This places training and development as an essential function in the survival of any organization.
Increasingly, high performance organizations today are recognizing the need to use best training and development practices to enhance their competitive advantage.
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The broad objective of this research is to examine the impact of training and development on the growth and survival of organizations. The specific objectives include: 1. To examine the nature of the relationship between training and development and organizational profitability. 2. To ascertain the impact of training and development on staff performance in the manufacturing industry 3. To examine the effect of investment in the area of training and development on the bottom line within the business. 4. To evaluate the relationship between the image of an industry, individual employers and the quality of staff training and development.

The following research questions are considered relevant for the purpose of this research work: 1. What is the relationship between training and development and organizational profitability? 2. To what extent does training and development affect the performance and productivity of staff? 3. To what extent does investment in training and development affect the bottom line within the business? 4. What is the relationship between the corporate image of the industry and the quality of training and development?

Questionnaires and interview-guides will be employed in this study as research instruments.

Research methodology adequately provides detailed accounts of the methods used in collecting and analyzing


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