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Name – Sunita Uikey
Roll No - 155
Subject - Research Methodology

Exercise 1: Make up 3 different situations in which motivation to work would be an independent variable, moderating variable and dependent variable.
Solution -
Dependent Variable -

A manager observes that motivation to work among the Employees is increased if he increases their working environment, Salary and perks.

Independent variable-
Performance of employees increased if they are motivated.

Moderating Variable-
For employees having second source of income/salary, the motivation may or may be a driving factor
Intervening Variable-

Employees perform better if they are provided with good working conditions, better pay i.e.
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4) If an employee is satisfied and motivated, his job performance will increase. [Causal hypothesis]. (change in IV affect DV) 5) Satisfaction and motivation does not contribute to job performance [Null hypothesis] (IV not affecting DV at all). 6) In some scenario skill required are not essential to increase job performance. [Null hypothesis]. (IV not affecting DV at all).

Case Study 3:
Retention of minority women at the workplace is becoming more and more difficult. Not finding an influential mentor in the System that is willing to help them, lack of an informal network with influential colleagues, lack of role models, and the dearth of high-visibility projects results in dissatisfaction experienced at work and the minority women ultimately decide to leave the organization. Of course, not all minority women quit the system. Only those who have the wherewithal (for example, resources and self-confidence) to start their own business leave the organization.
For the above situation, define the problem, develop theoretical framework and formulate six hypotheses.

Solution :
Problem Statement: How can be minority women retained in organizations?
Dependent Variable (DV): Retention of minority women in an organization

Independent Variable (IV): Influential mentor in the system that is willing to help them, lack of an informal network with influential colleagues, lack of role models, and dearth of high-visibility


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