Dual Relationship and Boundaries Paper

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Dual Relationships and Boundaries Paper
Donna Lee, Rachelle Jones, and Jamie Owens
Psych 545
March 14, 2011
Dr. Marc Miller
Dual Relationships and Boundaries Paper
Most major professional codes of ethics have a policy or rule against dual relationships (Gottlieb, 1993). Dual relationships exist when a professional acts at the same time or sequentially in two roles (Gottlieb, 1993). Through the course of this paper, the concept of dual relationships will be examined. Ethical issues with dual relationships will be explained as well as the clarification and analyzation of a specific dual relationship. Not to mention the explanation of challenges presented by boundary issues in professional psychology.
Define the Concept of Dual
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In some professional relationships I would have to consider my competence. In this case adolescence is my specialty, so my training, education, and experience have prepared me for this professional task. According to the American Psychological Association of Ethical Principals of Psychologists and Code of Ethic complying with the standards of Human Relations, conflict of interests, I should avoid taking on a professional relationship that could interfere in objectivity, and effectiveness of performing my duties as a psychologist. Ethical issues include standards in Third Party Requests. A third party request is my close friend asking me to see her daughter in a professional capacity. I make attempts to explain to my friend, all of our roles in this situation. I would also explain to my friend the limits of confidentiality in this professional relationship. Standards in informed consent with a minor state that I must obtain consent from an appropriate legal guardian or authorized person (APA, 2010). According to the American Psychological Association, disclosure comes under standard four, Privacy and Confidentiality, and it states that I can disclose information to a third party or organization by obtaining consent from the client or another legally authorized person on behalf of my client unless prohibited by law. Unless the client poses a


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