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A 4-MAT Review System: The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring
Diane Jaynes
Liberty University

Summary The Complete Guide to Marriage Mentoring by Les & Leslie Parrott, came straight from their hearts. They encourage individuals to become marriage mentors founded on the Word of God (Parrott, 2005). As Christians, we need to wage a war on divorce and empower couples to build rock solid relationships (Parrott, 2005). One of the main things that the authors discuss in this book is The Marriage mentoring Triad. The triad has three important aspects to it and they are as follows:
Preparing: Most couples view their wedding as a culmination of a courtship process. But in reality, it is just a beginning.
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If this young man would let us mentor him and our daughter, we could help them to strengthen their relationship, but he is so prideful that there is no way he would ever let that happen. We have told our daughter that if they get married anytime soon, their marriage will never last because he is not willing to take responsibility for his actions and change. He has made the comment to me that “there is nothing about him that needs to change, he is fine the way he is.” My husband has reached out to this young man trying to be a spiritual mentor to him, because of his young faith, but he wants not part of that either. He has told our daughter that her parents have too much of an influence on her decisions. We just pray that we continue to have an influence on her decisions that she will be making for her married life.
Upon being married to a pastor of a small Baptist church and trying move the congregation forward, how do you help the member see and realize that we have to change the way the church has been doing things for years, because we are not making a difference in lives. We have been at this little church for 2 years and have seen numerous couples come and go. As the bi-vocational pastor and his wife, we wear many hats and it get very frustrating, when trying to help our church member realize there is no hope for our