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1. Law and the Impact on Business Leases
You are a skateboard designer and decide to open a shop. You find a “perfect space” in a local mall and agree to sign a one-year lease agreement that runs from January 1 through December 31. The lease agreement specifies that the lease cannot be assigned without the mall’s consent. In late June, you decide that this space is not attracting enough customers, so you decide to assign the balance of your lease to Jennifer Beeswax, who owns a candle shop. The mall objects to the assignment and denies Beeswax access to the space. You are certain that Beeswax is financially sound and should be allowed the full rights and privileges of an assignee.
Fully discuss whether you or the mall is correct.
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Yes since it’s over a year for the contract to complete, but he would still have needed Tina to put that he wouldn’t be fired unless he was dishonest. If he wants a chance at the ability to sue. Since she could still give him 10% even without him being an employee. The only breach would be that he was told that he would not be fired unless he was dishonest. With him being fired for no reason that would be a breach of what they had agreed to. No it wouldn’t satisfy the statute of frauds since in her memo she says nothing about the fired unless he’s dishonest. And like stated above she could still give him the 10% even if he’s not an employee anymore.
i. Discuss the various types of contracts that must be in writing.
Sales or transfers of land, answering for the debt or duty of another, contracts that cannot be completed in one year and sales of goods under the Uniform Commercial Code. ii. Identify what must be in writing in a contract in order to satisfy the requirements of the Statute of Frauds.
It must identify the contracting parties. Also it needs to recite the subject matter of the contract so that it can be properly identified. It also needs to present the essential terms and conditions of the parties’ agreement. With the UCC only the party being charged needs to sign and the quantity term. 3. Impossibility of Performance
Thomas contracted to sell Morris 10,000 bushels of corn from his farm. Due to a drought during the growing season, Thomas’


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