Childhood And Sexual Identity Under Slavery

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Childhood and Sexual Identity under Slavery With so much going on back in 1850’s, especially the biggest issue was slavery. We tend to only think that adults were only slaves but forgot that children who were African American were also slaves too that were being put to work just like their parents. Anthony S. Parent, Jr. and Susan Brown Wallace both teamed up to collaborate studying the issue of children and slavery which is the untold story of the children during the times on slavery and their knowledge of sex. After reading the studies of their work, it was very shocking and surprising that little attention was brought up among the children during the slavery time. It was devastating to hear such treatment happening to poor innocent …show more content…

What we were told in the classrooms in high school is totally different from what a college level offers which is a little more detail into the era and how extreme the conditions were for certain African Americans. In conclusion, this article was informative to me and it should be to everyone also because it deals with something that has already happened and we should prevent it from ever happening again. The work and effort that was put in to this article was absolutely phenomenal, so much detail was put into discussing a single subject with tons of evidence to support it. From former slaves narrating their lives as children to other researcher’s facts and evidence to support this whole article. Never have I encountered anyone talking about this kind of subject matter about slavery and children. Which shines the light on the slave owners and how wrong they were for doing what they did to African American slaves. Without Consent or Contract: The Rise and Fall of American Slavery by Robert W. Fofel is another reading that would support allot of what the article was talking about if anyone is interested in going deeper in the childhood of a slave. Overall this article was an every opener and I learned allot from this


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