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SCI 219 Module Two Google Earth Exercises

These questions include Chapters 4, 5, and 6. Fill out your answers in this document and submit your responses in Blackboard.

Galapagos Islands
Chapter 4. This island group is famous as the site at which Charles Darwin collected evidence for evolution of species. Because the islands are so isolated, they were free of human inhabitants until relatively recently. Most of the animals never developed a fear of humans. It is a popular ecotourist destination today because of its biodiversity and historic scientific importance. Questions:
1. Approximately how many islands can you see in this group? There are about ten islands clustered in the main group, with a couple of other minor
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3. The cooperative relationship depends on clear, warm water that allows sunlight to reach the photosynthesizing algae. Zoom out until you can see Cairns, and then zoom in to the bay. What land uses contribute to murky water in the bay? Runoff from both agricultural and urban land use contributes to murky water in the Bay.
4. Many of the world's coral reefs are affected by sediment runoff like this. If you lived in Cairns, what steps might you take to reduce sediment runoff that might threaten the coral reefs? Maintain land cover to reduce erosion, avoid soil disturbance, and create barriers to slow runoff and trap sediment.

Grand Banks
Chapter 6. The opening case study in this chapter describes declining fish populations of the Grand Banks. This view in Google Earth shows the general shape of the ocean floor, including the sharp drop off the edge of the Grand Banks.

Once site of one of the most abundant fisheries in the world, marine populations here have been depleted by destructive fishing methods. Especially destructive are the large trawlers that drag nets on the sea floor, destroying reproductive and feeding habitat and badly damaging the marine food web. The Grand Banks provided outstanding habitat for cod because of several factors: the shallow sea floor was good for the development of eggs and young, the Gulf Stream carried warm water and nutrients northward


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