Overhead Reduction Task Force Case

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Case 4: Overhead Reduction Task Force At one point or another, everyone has been placed in a group of people and assigned a task that needed to be accomplished. Many of these groups are simply that, a group. The task that many fail to see as the number one objective of the group is to foster a teamwork by actually transforming the group to a cohesive team. The idea sounds fairly simple and transparent, "If everyone works together, we have a team!" This could not be farther from the truth. Teamwork is not merely the ability to work together to get from point A to B. The Overhead Reduction Task Force is a case that exhibits this strong need to build a team in order to be the most effective in achieving goals. The group that has been …show more content…

A large meeting room could be reserved for the team to use whenever necessary and a place where all information can be centralized and held pertaining to the goal. If Larry can excite the members to actively use the space when they have free time and create an environment that is welcoming, such as providing snacks, etc., then there is a possibility that stronger team ties will develop. Also, if Larry can empower the members to take initiative then he reduces the need to micromanage individual performance. Depending on what information Dixon provided Larry with regards to rewards, Larry can incentivize the members by offering rewards. So through the first few minutes of the initial task force meeting, Larry needs to clearly define the teams mission and begin fostering team work and not just group work by first breaking down the borders. Hopefully through this initial framework the first week of the task force can be successful. Predicting the groups effectiveness within the first week must start with the ability to determine if a team was actually able to be formed. From the information provided, a team could be created if Larry was able to improve group relations such as the negative view that Tom Dougherty had of Graham Chase and Mort Burns. Combine this with the pressures of a limited time frame and secrecy and the goal of creating a team


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