Jesus Reflection

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August 17, 2013
Christian Worldview
Mrs. Farley

Jesus Reflection Essay

What I learned from the Jesus film was about his teaching. I have to say he preached a lot of good words and I wished I can see various people practice his words in society and cultural. There are some people who follow and read the Bible to start their life on a righteous path and there are some that I see our falling into sins and wrong choices in life.
In the book of Matthew I think Jesus was teaching the people how to carefully listen to one another and follow the rules and they will forever parish in God’s Kingdom. The teaching goes along with cultural because families and churches can keep the traditions going and they too can teach their children and
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I think my grandmother said “Jesus healed this child and take out the demon inside of her.” I was eight years old and thinking I have a demon inside of me? I think because of my faith in God my headache went away, but I did not want it to come back so I rested the whole day.
The book of John 11, I heard and read about the miracles Jesus did for Lazarus. I heard from many people about Lazarus’s death and how he was raised from death. I the miracle was so touching to me, because you hear and see people died and they come back to life. Lazarus story in the bible show that miracle does exist, therefore having faith in God will allowed having those second chances to live. I think it’s a way of God telling you your purpose has not be fulfilled here on earth yet and I think when Jesus awakes Lazarus his purpose was yet fulfilled. The people around them were shock and to see Lazarus alive. In today society there are doctors who are into science medicines and when they see their patients go from critical injuries, near death and the next day they are on a speedy recovery they are shock to see how and what miracles the person is doing well.
God has plans for all of us and he is the best of planners. Watching Jesus Life on film really open my mind to see what was his purpose on earth is for. I believe what Jesus has taught, healed, and loved is what today society should acquire about, so they too can know what God has plans


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