Challenges to Implementing Policies in the Workplace

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Challenges to Implementing New Policies in the Workplace with regards to Social Media

There are many benefits that social media has brought and continues to bring to the corporate world but there are also many drawbacks that organizations face due to the risks from its use. I believe that it can be proactively managed for organizations to protect its reputation while providing its employees with the proper tools to manage their own personal and business manners with regards to social media.
The intent of this report is to demonstrate the challenges to implementing new policies in the workplace with regards to social media.

Policies are principles, rules, regulations, guidelines, and/or laws that are adopted
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* Understanding what is legal and what is not legal to regulate; be careful to follow legislation and laws, like the Employment Standards Act and Human Rights Code. Social Media The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines social media as forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. (Merriam-Webster) It has become a key communication tool in our personal and professional lives. Worldwide, there are approximately; * 1.26 billion connected to Facebook * 1 billion Twitter users * 238 million on LinkedIn * 343 million use Google+ * 36 million active on MySpace
(Smith, 2013)
Social media’s impact on society is astounding, to say the least. Social media’s effect on the workplace isn’t any less profound. But with all the attention given to social media, it is not surprising that it has had its fair share of complications in organizations. Many companies use social media to their advantage, but it is difficult to draw a line between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable or even the impact that an employee’s personal comments may have on the company’s reputation. Past decisions and recent events have demonstrated the need for both the organization and its employees to understand how social networking should fit into traditional employment. Policies on


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