Every Women Matters Program

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Every Woman Matters Program Early detection of breast and cervical cancer reduced the burden of disease in women. The practices of Screening shown reduce the level of mortality and improve quality of life. The Every Woman Matters (EWM)stared in 1992 it is a federally-funded program designed to remove barrier to early screening by providing awareness and make screening more financially accessible to woman who have limited or no health insurance. The eligible women receive pay for office visits with associated clinical breast examination, pelvic examination, Papanicolaou smear test, and lab fees (Backer et al., 2004). Age-appropriate mammography and limited number of diagnostic test is also covered under program. In this paper I will …show more content…

Effective treatment is provided, which is capable to reducing morbidity and mortality. Test procedures are acceptable, safe, and comparatively inexpensive (WHO, 2013).

Strategies for Effective Preventive Program
If I will get chance to be nurse leader in charge of Every Woman Matters program, I will propose following strategies to create more effective prevention program. Community involvement in planning and implementation of the program has vita role this approach let the community people to assess their own health care needs and develop implementation strategies to address the needs. Community directed programs depend on community perception about existing barriers and approaches to address these barriers and increase cancer prevention and screening. Join planning of the community and contribution in all parts of the program permits ownership of the program by the community members (Wolff, 2003). The underserved communities who are still deprived from the standard delivery of health care services many alternative methods can be used to reach this group. Mass media programs, videos, broachers, T-shirts with health care massages can use as educational material. Moreover pictorial presentation of the steps of taking Mammogram can be used to educate uneducated and low income women. Social network or social influence interventions is also very effective for cancer prevention program. The community people who have been refer as more credible member of the


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