Diversity in Organizational Behavior

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Diversity Organizational Behavior
Norbert Karczewski
February 14, 2009

Introduction In this world, there are no two people who are alike. The one similarity is that the world is compiled as one big human race. Differences play a vital role in all people lives. Whether it is at home or in the workplace, one will encounter many diverse situations during the course of their lifetime. Within this word, diversity has many facets. Like people, each is unique; others has to accept it and respect it to maintain harmony. There will be four areas of diversity being discussed and defined in relation to ones behavior. Differences in Skills and Abilities One may not think that other’s
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The value and attitudes are strictly personal with oneself. Often times, they can be altered, but never taken away. These are traits in which all seems to have ownership. Theoretical, economic, aesthetic, social, political, and religious are six types of human values which Gordon Allport (OB, 2005) states a person’s value is grouped.
According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, job discrimination rose 9 percent in 2007. Complaints were made by workers against private employers. The United States government and economic system is in such a shamble, that many people have to continue to work at an age which was once thought of as retirement. The text states, “People age 50 and older are expected to increase by nearly 50 percent between 2000 and 2010.” The workplace is filled with a variety of different age groups. This is an area which diversity plays a dynamic role. A 21 year old is manager over a 55 year old or older. Situations dealing with age can mostly bring about matters of wisdom from a person of age. On the other hand, age in some situations can be excused by immaturity due to the young age of a person. Conclusion Co-existing is here to stay. At any given time or any given day, people will have to interact with one another. However large or small someone differences are compared to another, nothing requires lack of acknowledgement and respect. Similarities and differences


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