Nutrition and Exercise Plan Essay Nutrition and Exercise Plan Dawne’ Wright University of Phoenix Sci/241 High Blood Pressure Is the Health Problem Associated with My Body There Are Certain Nutritional Needs

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Nutrition and Exercise Plan
Dawne’ Wright
University of Phoenix

High blood pressure is the health problem associated with my body there are certain nutritional needs that needs to be followed to keep the high blood pressure under control. Borderline high blood pressure is 140/90 and mine is always that or high my bottom number is never under 90 and that includes when I take my medicine. High blood pressure runs in my family starting with my aunt down to my grandmother, it affects the body heart, head, and daily life activities. To have high blood pressure means that there is pressure in the arteries that are vessels that carry the blood from the heart to the tissues and organs (Cunha., Marks, 1996). One of the affect that
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Some of the set back that a person my experience is the urge not to eat healthy, and it is hard to just change a persons food diet when a person are use to a certain kind of food. When a person is not use to the exercise then that may also become a set back because once a person is use to the same routine then is hard to go to a different routine. The outcome to measure my success is paying attention to my blood pressure every day and watching my weight I may start to believe healthy and have more energy. The success is determined on how much you want to change and take control of the illness that you have as well as you food intake the success outcome can be good or it can be bad. The problem with me health is my blood pressure while it is high at times if I stay eating healthy and exercise which is keeping active while keeping down stress it should be very controlled.
Without keeping a healthy eating plan there is a risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, non-insulin dependent diabetes, constipation, joint pain, and being out of breath. I would take of a risk of having a stroke because I am not taking control of my health which again involves being physical, and eating healthy.

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