Developmental Analysis

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Developmental Analysis
Bonita Camacho
Liberty University
Coun 502

The field of study that examines patterns of growth, change, and stability in behavior that occur throughout the entire lifespan is called lifespan development. Lifespan development takes a scientific approach in its study of growth, change, and stability. This development emphases on human development. Developmentalists study the course of development in nonhuman species, the most popular examine growth and change in people. In contrast I will focus on the ways people and myself change and grow during our lives, with the consideration of stability in our live span. Together, these findings suggest that we will go through
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Two patterns have been described, an emotionally withdrawn –inhibited pattern and an indiscriminately social –disinhibited pattern, each of which have been observed in children raised in institutions and in maltreated children (Zeanah and Fox, 2004). Growing into an adult after finding out that I wasn’t raised by my mother the first few months I felt some emotional distress, I felt from looking back on my childhood that there were some favoritism between me and my other brother and sisters. Feldman (2014) states developmentalists believe a true emotion has three components: a biological arousal component (such as increased breathing rate or heartbroken), a cognitive component (awareness of feeling anger or fear), and a behavioral component (displaying that one feels unhappy by crying, for example). Growing up my father was in my life after I came home from my grandmothers, but only for short amount of time. My father was abusive to my mother which caused for him to break up and get a divorce. After the divorce we didn’t really see our father that because of how abusive he could be and once he moved out he moved back to his hometown of New York, NY. We spoke occasionally on the phone and he even visited from time to time but as time went on the calling and the visiting stopped. It was very difficult to adjust to him not being there and not hearing from him the older me and my brother and


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