Nail Biting Screed

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Nail Biting Screed
Take a nice deep breath, close your eyes and begin to relax...... Make yourself as comfortable as you can.
Now I would like you take one deep breath and hold it. And just let go.....thats's good.
As you concentrate on your breathing.....everyday noises will soon to disappear.....and the only thing of importance is the sound of my voice.
Helping you to relax deeper and deeper.
Just allow yourself to relax totally.
You don't have to do anything.....You don't have to think.....You don't have to listen....You don't have to do anything in particularly.....Just allow yourself to enjoy that lovely gentle feeling.
Allow the relaxation to go through your body.
I would like you to relax your eyes....Relax those little
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And you will be able to look back on this day ... and remember this as one of your most unexpected successes.
...another time when you demonstrated your own power, your own ability, your own competence... because you have control... you have choice in everything you do...
You can choose to control what your body does. You can choose to have perfect nails...
Because you are in control, you are in total control. You have success, and ability and competence, and you have control.
I would like you now to think of a time about a week from now ... when you look at your hands and you see your nails have been growing... and how good they look... how smart and grown up they look... and I'd like you to see yourself a month from now, when your nails are full size... strong.... long... complete... the way you want them
Demonstrates that you have made a decision today.... that will last forever... it will last so long that there will come a time when you have forgotten all about it... you will just act naturally and normally.... and your nails will be of no interest ...
You have chosen to take control of how your hands look. And you can choose any appearance you want.....and nothing can prevent you having that....
And knowing that you can do that gives you such a feeling of pride ... and ability... and confidence... and you know that you will never again bite your nails or