Development Timeline (Birth to 19 Years)

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The time frames presented are averages and some children may achieve various developmental milestones earlier or later than average but still be within the normal range.
BIRTH TO 5 YEARS | Social, Emotional andBehavioural Development | Communication andIntellectual Development | Physical Development(gross and fine motor) | Birth – 1 month | Generalised tension.Helpless.Asocial (not social).Fed by mother. | | Feedings: 5 - 8 per day.Sleep: 20 hours per day.Sensory Capacities: makes basic distinctions in vision, hearing, smelling and tasting, touch temperature and perception of pain. | 2 months – 3 months | Distress.Smiles at a face.Visually fixates at a
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tag; hop scotch).Enjoys simple table games requiring turns and observing rules.Talkative.Versatile.Responsibility and guilt.Feels pride.Prefers to play with other children.Becomes competitive.Prefers sex-appropriate activities.Highly imaginative.Dramatic.Self-assured.Stable and well-adjusted.Home centred – likes to associate with mother.Capable of some self-criticism.Enjoys responsibility.Like to follow rules.Interest in environment, town, city, shops, etc. | Talks clearly.Uses adult speech soundsHas mastered basic grammar.Asks endless questions.Learning to generalise.Tells long tales.Reads own name.Counts to 10.Asks meaning of words.Knows colours.Beginning to know the difference between fact and fiction.Has the ability to tell lies.Knows over 2000 words (5 years). | Motor Ability: hops and skips; mature motor control, skips; good balance; smoother muscle action; skates; rides a bicycle (with stabilisers); broad jumps, dresses without help, copies a square and a triangle; can draw recognisable simple objects; handedness established; ties shoes, girls' small muscle development about 1 year ahead of boys. |

6 YEARS TO 10 YEARS Social, Emotional andBehavioural Development | Communication andIntellectual Development | Physical Development(gross and fine motor). | Starts spending more time in school and with peers than with family.Has friends that are primarily the same sex.Accepts responsibility for their actions.Express concerns for the welfare of


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